Helping a Loved One During Hoarding Clean-Up Services Near Kirkland

hoarding clean-up services KirklandAt some point, you may have to help a family member with a severe hoarding habit. It’s important that you communicate your concerns in a gentle and understanding manner. Once your loved one understands, you can proceed to hire hoarding clean-up services to clear the residential interior. Here are some tips on how to approach a relative regarding his or her hoarding habit. 

Connect With Understanding

Hoarding is officially classified as a mental condition. While you’ll eventually need professional hoarding cleaning, it’s also important that you provide emotional support for your loved one engaged in this behavior. Express your concerns and be sure to listen intently to what your loved one says in response.

Focus on Safety

When talking to your loved one, emphasize that you’re concerned about his/her safety. Mention that too much clutter in the home can increase the risk of an injury and can also invite additional problems like mold and pests. Some hoarders even hoard bio-hazard material or items containing hazardous material, such as exposed electronic circuits, volatile organic compounds, and even bodily remains of long-dead pets.

Keep It Confidential

Many people are embarrassed upon realizing they have turned into a hoarder. Keep this situation confidential. No one else should know about it beyond close relatives, friends, and medical/cleaning professionals. 

Need Professional Hoarding Clean-Up Services Near Kirkland?

If you know someone with severe hoarding behavior, be sure to express your concern in a compassionate way. The next step is to contact Affordable Environmental for hoarding clean-up services near Kirkland. We have years of experience performing removal of unwanted and hazardous material, including asbestos. Let us make your home or loved one’s home livable again.

Experienced Hoarding Clean-Up Services Near Kirkland

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