Importance of Professional Sewage Spill Clean-Up in Seattle

sewage spill clean-up, sewage spillDid a sewage spill just occur in or around Seattle, Washington? This is a serious issue due to the sanitation concern it poses. You will need to enlist the assistance of bio-hazard cleanup to rectify the problem. This is not an issue that you can fix yourself or with a normal cleaning service. You need a company with knowledge on how to handle hazardous waste and chemicals to strict federal and state industry standards. 

Clean-Up Process

The cleanup crew will act quickly. They will remove standing black and gray water and dry the area. Any solid waste present will be removed promptly. If there is damage to buildings, particularly in the drywall and floorboards, the components will be replaced, and the entire area will undergo sanitization. The crew will assess these components and provide an estimation of what requires replacement and the estimated cost.


Sewage waste is extremely dangerous. Being in the vicinity of the spill without the right protective gear can leave you vulnerable to disease and infections. Sewage waste is known to contain bacteria that can cause conditions like gastroenteritis and cryptosporidiosis. Do not attempt self-cleaning that could jeopardize your health. Leave it to a professional cleaning crew. 

Need Professional Sewage Spill Cleaning in Seattle?

Sewage spill cleaning in Seattle may be necessary due to a pipe rupture or severe backup. This calls for professional intervention. Get the professional help you need with Affordable Environmental in Everett. We have years of experience removing anything that can lead to illness, including mold and asbestos. Customers have also relied on us over the years for hoarding cleanup. Whatever your needs, always leave the cleaning and sanitation to professionals that can perform the cleaning work in a standardized and safe manner. 

Professional Sewage Spill Cleaning in Seattle

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May 24, 2022 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business