Helping a Loved One During Hoarding Clean-Up Services in Kirkland

hoarding clean-up services KirklandIf you’re ready to help a loved one during hoarding clean-up services in Kirkland, communicating openly with them can help to create an more comfortable atmosphere. The actions you take can help or hinder the process significantly. While a cleanup specialist will be able to provide some guidance, it’s important to approach with kindness, care and patience. 

Connect With Understanding

It’s important to remember that hoarding is an officially recognized mental condition. While it may seem easy enough to hire a cleanup company for hoarding clean-up services, your role doesn’t end there. Take time to understand your loved one’s state of mind and offer your your support. 

Focus on Safety

It’s also important to focus on safety. Bring up the fact that organizing can create a safer home environment. This is particularly important when it comes to removing items permanently.

Keep the Situation Confidential

Many people feel embarrassed by their situation. Take care not to say or do anything that may draw unnecessary attention to the grave nature of your loved one’s current circumstances. You should also consider promising not to discuss the clean-up without their permission.

Ready for Professional Hoarding Clean-Up Services in Kirkland?

If you’re considering helping someone whose has hoarding issues, get the extra support you need from Affordable Environmental in Everett. Our experienced specialists have the knowledge and skills to provide professional clean-up.  We also specialize in mold removal, crime scene clean-up, biohazard clean-up, asbestos abatement and demolition clean-up. Our team is kind and compassionate, so you can trust we’ll approach the situation delicately. We’re known for providing honest advice and genuine client care. Contact us with questions or to schedule an appointment today.

Experienced Hoarding Clean-Up Services in Kirkland

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