Signs You Need Asbestos Testing, Abatement, or Removal in Seattle

Asbestos Removal

Are you concerned that your Seattle residence may contain asbestos? You may require asbestos testing and subsequent asbestos abatement. This material can be quite harmful if the particles become airborne and can lead to serious illness and even long-term effects like cancer. Due to its cheap cost, asbestos was commonplace in residences and public facilities in the early to late 1900s. A professional will need to confirm the presence of asbestos and determine whether asbestos removal is required. Here are some signs to watch out for that may indicate heavy asbestos presence.

1. Your Home Was Constructed Between 1920 and 1986

What was the year of your home’s construction? Until its ban in 1986, builders constantly used asbestos in construction. Keep in mind that having asbestos doesn’t mean your home automatically requires removal. Testing will be done, and the results will indicate the appropriate next steps.

2. You’re Planning a Remodeling

If your residence was constructed before 1986, schedule asbestos testing prior to any major renovations. Remodeling could result in the particles going airborne. Remodeling is also a good time to schedule other professional cleanings, such as hoarding cleanup.

3. The Textured Ceiling Is Damaged

You may have heard of what is colloquially known as a popcorn ceiling. This ceiling type typically contains asbestos. If you have this ceiling type and notice it’s flaking, then you may want to schedule asbestos testing just to be on the safe side.

Need Asbestos Abatement and Asbestos Removal in Seattle?

Do you suspect your home may contain asbestos in its construction? Contact the team at Affordable Environmental in Seattle. We perform residential and commercial biohazard cleanup. Asbestos removal and asbestos abatement are among our core specialties. 

Asbestos Abatement and Asbestos Removal in Seattle

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