Helping a Loved One During Hoarding Clean-Up Services Near Kirkland

hoarding clean-up services KirklandAt some point, you may have to help a family member with a severe hoarding habit. It’s important that you communicate your concerns in a gentle and understanding manner. Once your loved one understands, you can proceed to hire hoarding clean-up services to clear the residential interior. Here are some tips on how to approach a relative regarding his or her hoarding habit. 

Connect With Understanding

Hoarding is officially classified as a mental condition. While you’ll eventually need professional hoarding cleaning, it’s also important that you provide emotional support for your loved one engaged in this behavior. Express your concerns and be sure to listen intently to what your loved one says in response.

Focus on Safety

When talking to your loved one, emphasize that you’re concerned about his/her safety. Mention that too much clutter in the home can increase the risk of an injury and can also invite additional problems like mold and pests. Some hoarders even hoard bio-hazard material or items containing hazardous material, such as exposed electronic circuits, volatile organic compounds, and even bodily remains of long-dead pets.

Keep It Confidential

Many people are embarrassed upon realizing they have turned into a hoarder. Keep this situation confidential. No one else should know about it beyond close relatives, friends, and medical/cleaning professionals. 

Need Professional Hoarding Clean-Up Services Near Kirkland?

If you know someone with severe hoarding behavior, be sure to express your concern in a compassionate way. The next step is to contact Affordable Environmental for hoarding clean-up services near Kirkland. We have years of experience performing removal of unwanted and hazardous material, including asbestos. Let us make your home or loved one’s home livable again.

Experienced Hoarding Clean-Up Services Near Kirkland

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Differences Between Hoarding and Collecting in Everett

hoarding, collecting and hoardingPeople tend to think of collecting and hoarding as the same thing. While there are similarities, the meanings are not identical, and there are key differences. Learn to distinguish the difference and why hoarding requires the attention of a hoarding cleaning crew. Here are the main differing points to keep in mind.


Generally, you don’t need a cleaning specialist for a home belonging to a collector. Collecting refers to the accumulation of specific items that the collector is passionate about. Examples include vintage furniture that the collector may refurnish and go through a painstaking process to acquire. 


Hoarders collect items with no significant value. The items are random, and the hoarder accrues them simply out of habit and reluctance to dispose of unwanted materials. Hoarders accumulate a number of items, such as newspapers, broken electronics, clothing, etc. The result of hoarding these items leads to the home becoming unkempt, filthy, and even unsanitary. Hoarding is often a symptom of a deeper underlying problem, such as chronic depression.

Sometimes, when we perform demolition on an old home, it’s because the residence has been subjected to years of neglect. Homeowners have accumulated so many items that have led to issues like pest infestations and mold growth.

Collecting and Hoarding in Everett Are not the Same

Collecting can be a great way to partake in a hobby. Hoarding, on the other hand, is a negative behavioral pattern that can lead to residential issues. If you know someone who is a hoarder, contact Affordable Environmental in Everett to schedule a cleanup. We remove all unwanted items and can perform additional services like bio-hazard cleanup if necessary. We perform all remediation work to industry standards and make your home livable.

Collecting and Hoarding in Everett Explained

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Importance of Professional Sewage Spill Clean-Up in Seattle

sewage spill clean-up, sewage spillDid a sewage spill just occur in or around Seattle, Washington? This is a serious issue due to the sanitation concern it poses. You will need to enlist the assistance of bio-hazard cleanup to rectify the problem. This is not an issue that you can fix yourself or with a normal cleaning service. You need a company with knowledge on how to handle hazardous waste and chemicals to strict federal and state industry standards. 

Clean-Up Process

The cleanup crew will act quickly. They will remove standing black and gray water and dry the area. Any solid waste present will be removed promptly. If there is damage to buildings, particularly in the drywall and floorboards, the components will be replaced, and the entire area will undergo sanitization. The crew will assess these components and provide an estimation of what requires replacement and the estimated cost.


Sewage waste is extremely dangerous. Being in the vicinity of the spill without the right protective gear can leave you vulnerable to disease and infections. Sewage waste is known to contain bacteria that can cause conditions like gastroenteritis and cryptosporidiosis. Do not attempt self-cleaning that could jeopardize your health. Leave it to a professional cleaning crew. 

Need Professional Sewage Spill Cleaning in Seattle?

Sewage spill cleaning in Seattle may be necessary due to a pipe rupture or severe backup. This calls for professional intervention. Get the professional help you need with Affordable Environmental in Everett. We have years of experience removing anything that can lead to illness, including mold and asbestos. Customers have also relied on us over the years for hoarding cleanup. Whatever your needs, always leave the cleaning and sanitation to professionals that can perform the cleaning work in a standardized and safe manner. 

Professional Sewage Spill Cleaning in Seattle

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How to Prepare for Mold Abatement Near Oak Harbor

mold abatementDid you just find out you have mold in your home in Oak Harbor, Washington? If the situation is quite severe, then you may require mold abatement. Many homeowners just proceed with business as usual upon discovering mold. However, you must take action; the spores may cause or lead to respiratory illness. Upon scheduling professional removal, you’ll need to prep the area. Here are some mold abatement preparation tips to follow to make the procedure easier for everyone involved.

Don’t Remove Any Items

You may be tempted to remove items from your home prior to the abatement process. However, it’s best to keep all items in place. Mold multiplies rapidly and may cling to surfaces of household items, such as furniture, shelves, and wardrobes. Relocating these items may cause mold to spread to unaffected areas. 

Remove Pets

You need to keep pets away during mold removal or other bio-hazard cleanups. Animals are not permitted to be on the premises during mold abatement. For their safety, keep all pets in a separate room.

Make Temporary Living Arrangements

The professional cleaner will assess the severity of the mold in your home. If the mold is widespread, he may suggest that you vacate the property during the abatement process. Consider staying at a friend’s place or at a motel until the procedure is complete.

Prioritize Mold Abatement Preparation Near Oak Harbor

Have you confirmed extensive mold growth in your Oak Harbor home? It’s time to contact the crew at Affordable Environmental in Everett for professional assistance. Apart from mold remediation, we also remove other harmful materials, such as asbestos and hazardous chemicals. We can provide hoard cleanup to remove excess items and junk from the property. Whatever the case, let us sanitize your residence in accordance with the latest industry standards. 

Mold Abatement Preparation Services Near Oak Harbor

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Signs You Need Asbestos Testing, Abatement, or Removal in Seattle

Asbestos Removal

Are you concerned that your Seattle residence may contain asbestos? You may require asbestos testing and subsequent asbestos abatement. This material can be quite harmful if the particles become airborne and can lead to serious illness and even long-term effects like cancer. Due to its cheap cost, asbestos was commonplace in residences and public facilities in the early to late 1900s. A professional will need to confirm the presence of asbestos and determine whether asbestos removal is required. Here are some signs to watch out for that may indicate heavy asbestos presence.

1. Your Home Was Constructed Between 1920 and 1986

What was the year of your home’s construction? Until its ban in 1986, builders constantly used asbestos in construction. Keep in mind that having asbestos doesn’t mean your home automatically requires removal. Testing will be done, and the results will indicate the appropriate next steps.

2. You’re Planning a Remodeling

If your residence was constructed before 1986, schedule asbestos testing prior to any major renovations. Remodeling could result in the particles going airborne. Remodeling is also a good time to schedule other professional cleanings, such as hoarding cleanup.

3. The Textured Ceiling Is Damaged

You may have heard of what is colloquially known as a popcorn ceiling. This ceiling type typically contains asbestos. If you have this ceiling type and notice it’s flaking, then you may want to schedule asbestos testing just to be on the safe side.

Need Asbestos Abatement and Asbestos Removal in Seattle?

Do you suspect your home may contain asbestos in its construction? Contact the team at Affordable Environmental in Seattle. We perform residential and commercial biohazard cleanup. Asbestos removal and asbestos abatement are among our core specialties. 

Asbestos Abatement and Asbestos Removal in Seattle

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Why Hire a Professional Crime Scene Cleanup Company Near Point Townsend?

crime scene cleanup

Did a crime take place in your residence or business in or around Point Townsend, Washington? We understand this can be an emotionally charged moment for you. Nevertheless, there is some work you may have to do, including cleaning and sanitizing the area. This is where crime scene cleanup services come in handy. Cleaning services can professionally clean the crime scene, so the area is suitable again for occupancy. Learn why professional cleaning is necessary when a crime occurs.


In the event of a violent crime, there may be harmful bio-hazard chemicals and fluids present. A clean-up crew can clean the area and perform the necessary sanitation procedures. This ensures the area is safe for homeowners, staff members, customers, etc.

Regulation Compliance

Crime scenes must be cleaned in accordance with local and state regulations before the facility can resume normal use. You can’t simply clean the area the way you would spring-clean your home. It requires strict industry procedures. This is why you need to leave the work to professionals.

Less Emotionally Taxing

If a crime occurs on your property, it will impact you in one way or another. By hiring a cleaning service, this is one less thing you have to worry about. Your only job is to get your home or business back to normal.

Do You Need Crime Scene Cleanup Services Near Point Townsend?

Are you in need of crime scene cleanup in or around Point Townsend? Now that you understand the necessity of this type of service, contact Affordable Environmental in Everett to get started. Our team has years of experience removing dangerous chemicals and substances from crime scenes. We also perform other similar services, including asbestos abatement and demolition. In the aftermath of a crime, leave the cleaning to us so you can focus on getting life back to normal.

Crime Scene Cleanup Near Point Townsend

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Types of Crime Scene and Trauma Cleanup Near Whidbey Island

crime scene cleanup, trauma cleanup

Did a crime occur on your property premises around Whidbey Island, Washington? This can be a stressful situation. When this occurs, the best course of action is to hire crime scene cleaning to restore the space, so it’s presentable and meets sanitation requirements. Here are some types of crime-related cleaning that may be performed.

Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime scene cleanup restores the space to its original state before the crime occurred. This may include the removal of all unnatural and potentially harmful chemicals, such as tear gas. Continue Reading →

Preparing for Demolition Services Near Bellevue

preparing for demolition, demolition services

Do you have plans for demolishing an existing building in or around Bellevue, Washington? Generally, the process is easier for residential homes, while commercial facilities require larger equipment and a lengthier setup. Regardless of the scope, some demolition preparation is in order on your end. Here are some ways to adequately prepare for the project to ensure a smoother process for everyone involved.

Schedule Asbestos Removal

In some instances, you may need to arrange for asbestos abatement or removal before demolition work can be done. A professional can assess whether this is necessary. Demolition of a building with untreated asbestos can create a serious safety hazard to the general public.

Obtain the Needed Permits

You’ll need to acquire the right permits from the city beforehand. The demolition company will be able to assist you and provide more details on how to get the permit and the proper channels to go through. Begin the permit acquisition several weeks in advance since the approval process can take up to several weeks.

Disconnect All Utilities

Be sure to disconnect all utilities before the date of demolition. If any of the power is left on, this can lead to unnecessary delays, not to mention it can be a safety hazard. Confirm and double-check with the utility company that everything is indeed shut off.

We Assist with Demolition Preparation Near Bellevue

Do you need to have a building demolished in or near Bellevue? Contact Affordable Environmental in Everett to schedule a consultation and get more information on how to proceed. One of our technicians will provide all the logistical information and the appropriate demolition preparation required on your end. Apart from demolition work, we also provide mold removal and biohazard cleanup.

Demolition Preparation Guidance Near Bellevue

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Industrial Equipment Removal in Everett: How It Works

industrial equipment removal

Do you need industrial equipment removal for your warehouse or facility in or around Everett, Washington? Perhaps you have outdated equipment that needs to be transported or moved to a scrapyard. Whatever the case, it’s best to seek assistance from a cleaning crew. Find out what’s entailed in the process of heavy equipment transportation/disposal.

Initial Assessment

Some warehouses hoard old equipment, allowing the bulky units to accumulate over the years. A contractor will need to assess your facility to determine your specific needs based on the quantity and type of equipment to be removed. Continue Reading →

What to Know about Concrete Platform Removal Near Kirkland

concrete platform removal, remove concrete platformDo you need concrete platform removal services near Kirkland, Washington? Regardless of the scope of the pending demolition project, it’s crucial to seek out a dependable clean-up specialist to partake in this duty. Here are some factors to be mindful of when a building is scheduled for this type of industry-intensive service.

Skid Steer Concrete Removal

In some instances, when the concrete is really thick, it may be required for clean-up specialists to use a skid steer to remove the platform. The crew will need to remove the large portions of concrete as they break away. Hard-to-reach areas may require members sawing the concrete into smaller and more manageable pieces. Continue Reading →