Why You Should Have a Professional Remove a Popcorn Ceiling Near Redmond

Remove a Popcorn Ceiling Near Redmond

If you are considering updating your home, this might include removing your old popcorn ceiling. However, it would be best to think twice before doing it yourself. Knowing why you should have a professional remove a popcorn ceiling will help you make the best decision for your home.

Some Popcorn Ceilings Have Asbestos

For many years, popcorn ceilings were made using asbestos as an insulator. While this practice was banned in 1973, many homes still have the substance on their surfaces. Removing the ceiling without professional help can cause the asbestos to spread around, which can be very hazardous. 

You Might Not Know Your Ceiling’s Status

You may need to be more certain about the status of your popcorn ceiling and when it was installed. If this is the case, it is always better to be on the safe side. A professional will remove the ceiling safely and make sure you are protected. 

Not All Builders Complied 

Even with the asbestos insulation ban in 1973, it was still used widely as an aesthetic choice until 1978. Even then, not all builders complied with the regulations. This means that if you are going to remove a popcorn ceiling, you should have a professional do it to be on the safe side. 

Need to Remove a Popcorn Ceiling Near Redmond? 

It’s not easy finding a cleanup service with a solid reputation backed by years of industry expertise. Affordable Environmental performs clean-up to industry protocol. We conduct many demolition, cleaning and removal jobs, including biohazard, hoarding, and asbestos removal. We take pride in our craft by offering our extensive experience and courteous customer service, so contact us today. 

Professional Help to Remove a Popcorn Ceiling Near Redmond

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