What to Know about Concrete Platform Removal in Kirkland

concrete platform removal, remove concrete platformDo you require professional concrete platform removal services in Kirkland, Washington? Whether you have a small or large demolition project in mind, it’s important to find a reliable clean-up specialist to oversee it. Taking time to carefully consider an upcoming job will ensure that you’re prepared for any and all potential complications that might arise. You should have a clear understanding of what the concrete platform removal process will be like and what to expect.

Skid Steer Concrete Removal

In some cases, when the concrete surface is particularly thick, it will be necessary for clean-up specialists to use a skid steer when they remove the platform. The professionals will need to lift away the large chunks of concrete as they break away. Hard-to-reach surfaces often require technicians to saw the concrete into more manageable pieces. Continue Reading →

Industrial Equipment Removal in Everett: How It Works

industrial equipment removalDo you require professional industrial equipment removal services for your business in Everett, Washington? Whether you need to dispose of old, malfunctioning equipment or want to reclaim space in your storage yard, it’s important to find a reliable clean-up specialist to oversee the project. Before making your decision, however, you should have a clear understanding of what’s involved in the process. In most cases, expect the following:

Initial Assessment

The majority of clean-up specialists will want to conduct an initial assessment before committing to remove industrial equipment. A professional will gather information and assess your specific needs. Afterward, he or she will offer an estimate for the project. Continue Reading →

Types of Asbestos in Seattle

asbestos, asbestos types, asbestos abatementAre you worried that you need asbestos abatement or removal services for your home or business? Before speaking with a clean-up specialist, it’s important to realize there are six different types of asbestos minerals. While each one has distinct features that set them apart, they all fall under one of the two following categories: serpentine and amphibole.

Serpentine Asbestos

There is only a single asbestos mineral included in this category: chrysotile, often referred to as white asbestos. It is made of long, curly fibers and was widely used for commercial purposes. Praised for its fireproof and heat-resistant nature, use of chrysotile was common all over the world. As a result, clean-up specialists often provide asbestos abatement and removal services for this potentially hazardous mineral. Continue Reading →

Where is Asbestos Removal Usually Required?

asbestos removalAre you worried that you may need to schedule asbestos removal services for your home in Bellevue? Because asbestos has fireproofing, insulation and soundproofing properties, it was used in thousands of different products throughout the United States for many years. As a result, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to discover its presence. If you have any concerns about this potentially dangerous material, it’s imperative that you speak with a clean-up specialist right away. A professional can assess your situation and make appropriate recommendations moving forward. While newer construction projects rarely have issues, many older buildings in Bellevue may need asbestos removal services in the following places:


Professional clean-up specialists often provide asbestos removal services due to the type of insulation used during construction. This is most frequently an issue for old piping, furnace and attic insulation. Continue Reading →

What to Expect from Chemical Spill Cleanup Services in Kirkland

chemical spill cleanup, chemical cleanupDo you own or manage a company in Kirkland that handles potentially dangerous chemicals? It’s important to have easy access to chemical spill cleanup services. biohazard cleanup specialists are specially trained to handle materials that can be hazardous to people and the environment. It’s important to know what these professionals will do in the case of a spill. While every situation is different, chemical spill cleanup specialists in Kirkland will probably do the following:

Isolate Drains

If the spill occurs inside, chemical spill cleanup specialists will isolate and protect any nearby floor drains. They may also place absorbent materials around drains to prevent the releasing of chemicals into the environment.

Contain and Clean

The chemical spill cleanup company will work to quickly contain and clean the spill. In most cases, it will begin at the outside of the contamination area and work towards the middle. This prevents splashing and spreading. Continue Reading →

Avoid Overpaying an Everett Clean-Up Company

Avoid overpaying for a Clean-Up CompanyAre you looking for an affordable Everett clean-up company? Whether you need to schedule biohazard cleanup, mold removal, or asbestos abatement, it’s important to know that you aren’t overpaying for the service. Determining how much is too much can be challenging, however. This is especially true for individuals and companies who have never needed to hire clean-up specialists before. Fortunately, there are several ways distinguish affordable services from the rest. Take the following steps when looking for an Everett clean-up company.

Research Average Clean-Up Costs

The best way to determine whether or not a clean-up company is charging too much is to research your area’s average cost for these services. You can usually find this information online without difficulty.

Ask for Multiple Quotes

Don’t assume that the first quote you receive from an Everett clean-up company is sufficient. Ideally, you should schedule a consultation with at least two or three different companies before making your final hiring decision. Continue Reading →

Qualities of a Reliable Clean-Up Company in Seattle

Demolition and clean-upAre you looking for a reliable clean-up company in Seattle, Washington? Whether you need biohazard cleanup, mold removal, or asbestos abatement services, it’s important to find a company you can rely on. When done incorrectly, these projects can have negative impacts on your health and the environment. With so many self-proclaimed experts in the industry, it can be difficult to determine which to hire. Fortunately, there are a few key qualities that all reliable clean-up specialists share. Keep the following traits in mind as you look for a clean-up company in Seattle.

Positive Feedback

Always read through clean-up company reviews and testimonials. These are often available online, either on company or third-party review websites. Avoid companies with low ratings from past customers.

Insurance Company Approval

Are your clean-up services being paid in full or in part by an insurance company? It’s essential that the clean-up company you select accepts payment through most insurance carries. Ideally, the specialists you hire will be pre-approved by your insurance provider. Continue Reading →

What to Expect During Sewage Spill Clean-Up in Bellevue

sewage spill clean-up, sewage clean-up, sewage spillHave you experienced a sewage line break on your property in Bellevue, Washington? You should schedule sewage spill clean-up services as soon as possible. While many homeowners think they can tackle a job like this on their own, the process is extremely involved. It’s always best to hire clean-up specialists when dealing with dangerous substances. These specialists have the knowledge necessary to address the situation properly. Here’s what to expect when you contract for sewage spill clean-up services in Bellevue.

Contain the Spill

The first step during the sewage spill clean-up process is containing the spill to the affected area. The professional you hire will probably seal off the sections of your property that need to be cleaned. They’ll also turn off any relevant mechanical systems.

Dispose of Standing Sewage

Your sewage spill clean-up professionals will also dispose of any standing sewage and solid waste. They have the equipment necessary to do this quickly, efficiently, and safely. Continue Reading →

What to Expect from Hoarding Clean-Up in Kirkland

hoarding clean up, hoardingAre you worried that someone you know has a hoarding problem in Kirkland, Washington? If a family member or friend compulsively or pathologically acquires items and fails to use or discard them, it may be time to intervene. Scheduling hoarding clean-up services can be extremely useful during these situations. Clean-up specialists are trained to handle circumstances like this. Hoarding clean-up services in Kirkland usually include:

Removal of Unwanted Items

At its core, hoarding clean-up consists of removing unwanted items from a person’s home or storage area. Specialists will help sort through belongings and relocate them afterward. They are also trained to remove any hazardous waste present on the property.

Area Decontamination

If hazardous waste is present, hoarding clean-up professionals will also need to decontaminate the area. Hiring experts for this process is always a good idea. Continue Reading →

Common Questions About Hoarding Clean-Up in Everett

hoarding clean-upDoes someone you know in Everett, Washington, compulsively or pathologically acquire items and fail to use or discard them? Whether you’re being a helpful friend or have inherited a hoarder’s property, you might be considering hoarding clean-up services. This type of clean-up can be both physically and emotionally taxing, but some people hesitate to call in a clean-up specialist. Don’t let the unknown keep you from making the decision that’s best for you. Consider these common questions about hoarding clean-up in Everett.

How long does hoarding clean-up take?

Every situation is different, so the timeframe will depend greatly upon your circumstances. While many hoarding clean-up cases take only a few days, some could require a week or more to complete.

What happens to items of value?

Most professional cleaning contractors are experienced enough to identify valuable items. You can talk to your hoarding clean-up specialist about your preferences. These items can either be set aside for you or donated to a local charity organization. Continue Reading →