What Happens During Asbestos Abatement Near Kirkland?

If you own a building with asbestos, removing it as soon as possible is crucial. A reliable asbestos abatement company can remove it safely and efficiently so you can use the building without risk. In addition, knowing what happens during the process can help you be ready when the process begins. asbestos survey in Bellevue

Hazardous Areas Will Be Marked

Before anything is removed, the company will ensure that all the hazardous areas in the building are marked. Then, if any occupants are in the area, they will notify everyone to leave the building and confirm the space is clear. This keeps everyone safe and lays out the plan. 

Material Will Be Removed

Once the area has been cleared, the material removal process will begin. First, technicians will use wet methods and hand tools to remove any material that must be taken down. They will then use HEPA filtration vacuums to ensure any particles are cleared. 

A Final Inspection Will Be Done

Once the material has been completely removed, the asbestos abatement team will do a final inspection. First, they will test the area to ensure all particles are gone and the place is safe. This final inspection will preempt removing any filtration systems, so you can be sure that everything is ready to go. 

Need Asbestos Abatement Near Kirkland?

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Quality Asbestos Abatement Near Kirkland

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