What to Expect from Hoarding Clean-Up in Kirkland

hoarding clean up, hoardingAre you concerned that a loved one has a hoarding addiction in Kirkland, Washington? If a relative or friend compulsively accumulates items without discarding old ones, an intervention may be required. Arranging hoarding clean-up services can be beneficial in such scenarios. Clean-up specialists are trained to deal with these exact situations. Learn how a cleaning service can assist you.

Removing Unwanted Items

Generally, hoarding clean-up consists of discarding unwanted items from a living unit or storage space. Professional cleaners will sort through the items and toss them out or relocate them. They’re also trained to remove hazardous material present on the premise.

Area Decontamination

If hazardous waste is present, a hoarding clean-up crew will decontaminate the space upon cleaning. Sanitization should always be done by a professional.

Donation of Items

Not everything needs to be thrown out. Items that are still usable or can be restored may be set aside with arrangements made for donation to a charity or the local Goodwill.

Item Recycling

Common hoarding items include newspapers, cardboard boxes, and magazines. These can be recycled. Cleaning crews are versed in municipal recycling guidelines and will sort between what’s recyclable and what isn’t.

Need Hoarding Clean-Up Services in Kirkland?

Do you need to schedule hoarding clean-up services in Kirkland? Now that you know what the process entails, it’s time to talk to a professional about your particular cleaning needs. To get industry advice, high-quality performance, and stellar client service, contact Affordable Environmental in Everett. Our crew is trained in discarding unwanted items and removing hazardous material. We also have the hands-on experience and equipment needed to decontaminate the impacted areas. Our company performs mold removal and asbestos abatement services as well.

Hoarding Clean-Up Professionals in Kirkland

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