Differences Between Hoarding and Collecting in Everett

hoarding, collecting and hoardingAre you trying to understand the differences between collecting and hoarding in Everett? In some situations, it can be difficult to tell the two apart. Unfortunately, hoarding is one of the most misunderstood psychological problems. If you’re considering hiring a cleanup specialist for yourself or a loved one, however, it’s important to know what makes hoarding a mental health issue. Keep the following differences in mind:


Calling a hoarding cleanup company for someone who collects items will not be necessary. In most cases, collectors are passionate about gathering a specific type of item. They will often reach out to others with similar interests and take great pride in organizing and displaying their items.


Hoarding is characterized by an excessive and obsessive accumulation of items that fail to satisfy. After acquiring items, hoarders find it incredibly difficult to part with them, even if they have no physical or sentimental value. These people also ultimately lose their ability to organize and display belongings in a manageable way, which often means living areas become storage spaces. It’s common for entryways to become blocked with items and the entire residence becomes difficult to navigate. They also rarely interact with others and often suffer from depression and/or anxiety.

Need Professional Hoarding Clean-Up in Everett?

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