What to Expect from Hoarding Clean-Up in Kirkland

hoarding clean up, hoardingAre you worried that someone you know has a hoarding problem in Kirkland, Washington? If a family member or friend compulsively or pathologically acquires items and fails to use or discard them, it may be time to intervene. Scheduling hoarding clean-up services can be extremely useful during these situations. Clean-up specialists are trained to handle circumstances like this. Hoarding clean-up services in Kirkland usually include:

Removal of Unwanted Items

At its core, hoarding clean-up consists of removing unwanted items from a person’s home or storage area. Specialists will help sort through belongings and relocate them afterward. They are also trained to remove any hazardous waste present on the property.

Area Decontamination

If hazardous waste is present, hoarding clean-up professionals will also need to decontaminate the area. Hiring experts for this process is always a good idea.

Donation of Items

Not all items will need to be thrown away. Companies that offer hoarding clean-up services often offer to donate any usable belongings to a charity. These items will be set aside and delivered as needed.

Recycling of Items

There may also be items that can be sent to a recycling center. Hoarding clean-up specialists are familiar with local recycling regulations and will sort acceptable materials out from the rest.

Ready to Schedule Hoarding Clean-Up Services in Kirkland?

Are you ready to schedule hoarding clean-up services in Kirkland, Washington? Now that you know what to expect from the process, it’s time to speak with a professional about your specific clean-up needs. To receive expert advice, quality results and unbeatable client care, contact Affordable Environmental in Everett. Our team is experienced with the removal of unwanted items and hazardous waste. We also have the skills and tools necessary to decontaminate the impacted area(s). Our company specializes in biohazard cleanup, mold removal, demolition and asbestos abatement services as well.

Hoarding Clean-Up Experts in Kirkland

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